Five Nights at Freddy’s: Disney Version

Once again, the internet has come up with yet another clever idea to make Disney more disturbing.Based on the famous Creepypasta “Abandoned by Disney”, a fan-made demo version (the full version of the game will probably be finished next year) of Five nights at Freddy’s was created called “Five nights at Treasure Island” (an actual abandoned Disney resort)I found the game was easy to download and very enjoyable to play. It has the famous photo-negative Mickey Mouse suit from the story, which can jump out on you if he catches you.I don’t know if there are anymore nights to play on after the second night (since I couldn’t get past that level yet), but although night 1 may seem dead easy, it certainly raises its difficulty once you get to night 2.

Screenshot of the game with the infamouse photo-negative Mickey Mouse

Screenshot of the game with the infamouse photo-negative Mickey Mouse

For something that is fan-made and non-profitable, I’d say the creator of this did an amazingly good job, and if it wasn’t for copyright, it could become an actual licensed game. I think the only problem I had playing this was shutting off the cameras on camera mode (since they don’t turn back on), and for some reason during night 2, the head from Donald Duck’s suit appeared out of nowhere and started making a loud screeching noise, even though he still appeared in his original position on camera mode (the aim of the game is to keep them out of your room), and the game let me play on as normal (with that annoying racket in the background), until Mickey finally caught me.

night 1

But overall, I enjoyed this game a lot, and will probably be playing it after I post this.